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We're thrilled to hear these kind words from some of our recent happy customers who purchased our hearing aids!

'I was going to quit my job because I couldn't hear the customers... best money you'll ever spend! - Raymond Y - Florida, USA

'I could hear children playing. I could hear the train whistle. I hadn't heard it in years.. I almost cried!' - Pete A - Texas, USA


'I purchased a pair of hearing aids from HearBloom and it has changed my life!' - Allison F. - Cape Town, South Africa

'Better than a £2,000 hearing aid. It's the best money I've ever spent!' - Mike P. - Newport, United Kingdom


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Wonderful! Bought one for my husband and he is able to hear me now, even from another room! The device is easy to use and very discreet! Love it!

Posted by Joe Cassidy on Tuesday, 30 July 2019


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★★★★★ 'I love my new hearing aids! I spent $4,000 3 years ago & they have NEVER performed like my new HearBloom's. Thanks guys, thinking about ordering a 2nd set as a backup' - Bill V.

★★★★★ 'Ordered the aids for my partner she has never had been able to hear well but now these aids have improved her life so much great product and superb service with a tracking service to see where your parcel is'

★★★★★ 'I ordered on line got it a week later via DHL! Works great!' - Simon W.

★★★★★ 'More than delighted with the hearing aids ..my partner has struggled for years to hear properly but local supplier are costing thousands of euro ..contacted this company who gave me rapid response to my enquiry and constant update on delivery ..the product is more than we expected and it is giving my partner a new lease of life' - Cliff C.

★★★★★ 'I have thoroughly enjoyed using these hearing aids. My friend has hearing aids that cost 10X as much and she's wishing she had waited and gotten these because they work better for her. I personally don't have anything to compare them to but I have no complaints and would purchase them again and have given referrals to family and friends.' - Sarah S.

★★★★★ 'Since I've been using the HearBloom hearing aids I can hear clearly now. Been a lifesaver for me. Customer service is excellent. Have recommended them to several people. Thank you for helping!' - Elisa B.

★★★★★ 'It is working well for me. My main problem was clarity and this has helped a lot when watching TV They are very comfortable and easy to put in and remove. The batteries last a fairly long time and are easy to install. I'm 88 and all these things are important to me. I am very pleased with my purchase and all the help I received.' - Douglas H.

★★★★★ 'I couldn't be more satisfied with my new hearing aids! The whole process was handled extremely well. They are great! I didn't realize how little I was hearing until I got them. I also love the fact that I can purchase them at an affordable price than having to pay $3,000+. Customer service is fantastic! I highly recommend getting these hearing aids!' - Robert P.

★★★★★'I bought this hearing aid for my mom after her hearing had deteriorated. I was reluctant at the beginning to try a new brand after trying different ones and either they are too noisy, or does not fit properly in the ear canal or too big that my mom feel she is carrying a burden on her ear. I was impressed with her reaction when she tried it for the first time. First of all, no noise at all like the other hearing aids she got before. Also having volume adjustments gave her the flexibility to adjust the sound level to a convenient level "not too loud nor too low" Secondly, if fits perfectly in her ear canal, no need for complicated impressions to make a custom piece to fit in the ear canal. It also comes with 3 different sized ear buds for you to choose what perfectly fits you. Thirdly, light weight that makes u almost forget u have something on ur ears after sometime. Finally, I am very glad I bought this hearing aid. Great quality, professional design and easy to use. Definitely deserves 5 stars.' - Philip S.